Building Blocks
Child Development and Family Support Center
6180 Atlanta Hwy, Alpharetta 30004  

  (770) 475-7196


Our Philosophy

When we feel good about who we are and what we can do, 
life is full of possibilities. 

When a child's natural curiosity and capability is encouraged and nurtured, 
they develop the self motivation, self confidence, and self discipline 
needed to understand themselves and their world, 
make good choices, 
and achieve the lives they want!

We need to celebrate our differences and individuality.
Balance is required for life to flourish.

                                       Welcome to Building Blocks!

     With over 31 years of experience we are here to provide personalized and professional help with your child 
and your family's individual needs.

 Beyond your childcare needs, we are here to support our families with your broader understanding of child development and parenting practices. 

Do not let what you "cannot" do
define your life.
 When our heart truly believes,
our mind will find a way 
to make it happen!
Our Difference

WHY we are different: 

We genuinely care enough to share and help. 
Our intention goes beyond offering affordable quality childcare.
  We are here to also nurture children to become purposeful adults 
who will do good things with their individual lives.

HOW are we different: 

We make the effort to truly understand each child and their family. 
  We respect individual family values while providing child guidance and family support. Parents are encouraged to benefit from what we’ve learned through over 30 years 
of figuring out what has worked, 
while involved with tens of thousands of children and their families!

We provide free Parenting Classes and individual parent support sessions

WHAT IS our difference?

Teachers who are trained to understand and meet the individual needs of the whole child. 
We start with their emotional and social development which is a critical foundation 
to developing their intellectual capability and academic achievements.

Parents who will have a broader understanding about child development and parenting. Beyond loving them, you will understand them better, and enjoy them even more!

Children who will be nurtured in a loving learning environment 
which allows them to cultivate 
healthy attitudes, positive perspectives, and productive habits. 
Thus providing them with the tools they need 
to create their own intentional and purposeful lives.


Delayed Opening Update- Tues. 12/11
Due to the possibility of black ice on
the roads, Building Blocks will open at 8:30 am. 
The GA Pre-K program will follow the 2 hour delayed opening for the Forsyth Co. school system and start at 
10 am. Thank You!!