Building Blocks
Child Development and Family Support Center
6180 Atlanta Hwy, Alpharetta 30004  

  (770) 475-7196


            Wendy Bhatia - Owner/ Program Coordinator

I have been working with children for over 30 years but, more importantly, 
I make sure I learn something new everyday! 
After 6 years of working in Human Resource at Macy's, I decided the best way to help people develop to their fullest potential was starting at the beginning! 
I then worked as a Child Care Center Director for about 12 years with different corporations. Then about 18 years ago, my husband (a retired Chemistry Professor) and I 
decided that we truly believed that giving children the right start 
would help determine their future and we opened up Building Blocks in 1998.

Please let me also offer our own children as testimony 
to our devoting our life to understanding children, parenting and education!  
Our oldest daughter currently works as a Project Manager (she graduated from Georgia Tech. in Biomedical Engineering and got her MBA at Northwestern University and just married a wonderful young man with a very similar background!) 
Our second daughter, is doing her Pediatric Residency in Tucson 
(she also graduated from Ga. Tech. and Augusta Medical College. ) 
Our youngest son also graduated from Ga. Tech in Mechanical Engineering and is currently tutoring children and pursuing a career in coding!

All three of them had the opportunity to attend Dekalb County's magnet school for the gifted (Kittredge and Chamblee). More important than their having done well academically, we are proud of who they are, and what they are hoping to do with their lives.

From my dealing with human resource issues at Macy's and my husband's working with college students, we realized there were common factors that affect how people live life. 
From early on we all need an environment that 
cultivates healthy attitudes, positive perspectives and productive habits.  
With this strong foundation, we are able to develop the understanding 
and have the tools needed to create the life we choose. 

Thus, came about Building Blocks. 
Our center is not just a business investment but an opportunity for us 
to meet not only the child care and but the parenting needs of other families. 
More importantly, we also hope to help with  the overall guidance 
and healthy development of children to prepare them for their lives ahead.