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Building Blocks
Child Development Centers

 6180 Atlanta Hwy, Alpharetta 30004               1011 Canton Hwy, Cumming 30040
                  (770) 475-7196                                                    (770) 889-1020
                                                         ​Our Philosophy

                                When we feel good about who we are and what we can do,
              life becomes full of possibilities and challenges become learning opportunities

               When a child's natural curiosity and capability is encouraged and nurtured,
               they develop the self motivation, self confidence, and self discipline needed 
                                            to understand themselves and their world, 
                                                           make good choices, 
                                             and achieve the lives they want!

                                We need to celebrate our differences because diversity 
                                            allows the balance for life to flourish.

                                              Welcome to Building Blocks!

      We have two centers located conveniently in Alpharetta and Cumming servicing all ages.
          Our flexible schedules and drop-in program allow you to create your own rate! 
         With over 28 years of experience we provide a personalized and professional experience 
                    to support you with your child's and your family's individual needs.

What our heart truly believes,
    Our mind will find a way 
          to make it happen!